Adult Sports

An adult male member in a blue soccer jersey holds a soccer ball and smiles at the camera while four of his adult male teammates stand behind him, also wearing blue soccer jerseys and smiling at the camera. The futsal arena they are in is blurred in the background.

Adult Futsal

Adult Futsal is a six-game season indoor soccer league. Futsal is a sport that is a derivative of soccer and played with five-man teams on a basketball style court with no walls and a smaller, low-bouncing ball. The condensed space emphasizes ball handling and agility, and the indoor environment is a great option during summer or winter months.

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Six adult members wearing pink, gray, and blue shirts walk in two lines and high five each other, smiling. A grass field is blurred out in the background. 

Adult Kickball

Kickball is a sport for all athletic abilities and a great way to spend time with friends! It’s just like baseball, but you kick a large playground ball rather than hit it with a bat. Emphasis is on kicking, catching and running. Kickball can also provide a perfect team-building opportunity for companies or organizations. Bring your team and have a kick!

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Three teen female soccer players in white jerseys celebrate a scored goal as two other teen female teammates run up behind them to join in the celebration. The teen in focus is looking at the camera, cheering. A grass field is blurred out in the background with the players on the other team, wearing orange soccer jerseys, looking on. 

Adult Soccer

It may be football to the rest of the world, but it’s still soccer to us. At the Y, we’re committed to providing a safe, fun environment where everyone feels welcome and all team members get to play. The main emphasis of the league is the recreational elements including the fun, enjoyment, good sportsmanship and friendships that are developed.

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Three teen female members wearing white and red volleyball jerseys smile as they get ready to volley an incoming ball. A basketball gym is blurred out in the background.

Adult Volleyball

Did you know that Volleyball was invented at the Greater Holyoke YMCA in 1895? Our YMCA Adult Volleyball League is dedicated to giving adults an opportunity to participate in an organized team sport while having fun, making friends and getting fit. Our Adult Volleyball League is based on keeping winning in perspective with fair play and good sportsmanship.

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An adult male member in blue and orange holding a tennis racket winds up to hit an incoming tennis ball. A tennis court is blurred out in the background.

Adult Tennis

Tennis is a lifetime sport that combines physical challenge, strategy and mental toughness. The Springs Family Y offers specialized Adult Tennis Programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Whether you’re attempting to hit your first forehand, playing your first match, or preparing for a tournament, we have the right class for you.

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Two female members in blue and gray sleeveless shirts strike a ballet pose while looking ahead at their instructor, off camera. Their reflection in the mirror beside them is blurred in the background.

Adult Dance

We offer dance classes for various ages and skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, young or old, you can learn and enjoy. Dancing can help you lose weight, stay flexible, and reduce stress AND it is just plain FUN! Plus, a recent study showed that stimulating one’s mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

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“You’re never too old to enjoy sports, whether you’re on the field or the court. The excitement of competition and physical challenge is a winning combination.”

– Andy Lemons, Hays Communities YMCA